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Markets Served

DORTITE spans the industrial world, with experience and expertise in a variety of markets, including:

Motor, Boat, Motor Home/RV, Truck and Trailer Manufacturing

DOR-TITE 800 Series High Density self sticking sealing tape is specially formulated for the automotive and industrial trade.

Used in trucks, cars, campers, recreational vehicles, trailers, air conditioning, computer equipment, doors, windows, boats (above the water), farm equipment machinery, industrial building and much more.

DOR-TITE self sticking sealing tape is an industrial quality product used to seal out air, salts, or dust, to reduce vibrations, rattles and will resist most chemicals (make test before using). Can also be used for routine gasket usage applications.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

DORTITE sponges are widely used for superior insulation. Dortite sponges are used in sheet metal fabrication for ducts – as well as flange systems for HVAC. 

Window and Door Manufacturing

DORTITE Sponges work well for cushioning. They're also ideal for setting windows (OEM only, not for MRO). They offer significant benefits in insulation, with a high R value for energy and cost savings.